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Splendor in the Snow

roosterFriends, this male pheasant is showing off his finery in the drabness of winter.  I love the many patterns and colors on his back, such  a lovely bird.  Surrounded by snow, he still finds a bit of seed to eat, here and there.  We were searching for the snowy owl, but this guy insisted that we take his picture, enjoy til Tomorrow MJ


Pheasant on Sunday

Friends, this friendly pheasant was showing off his finery on this chilly fall day on a field of brown, unlike the green of yesterday’s post.   I think they are the king of the marsh. The top image is color as i found it and the bottom image is a little warm up added. Beautiful bird ! either way. You can click on either image to see a full resolution view, til Tomorrow MJ

Handsome Fella

Friends,this pheasant was not afraid of the rain and came out to visit with me, he ran parallel to my car for awhile and i shot his portrait, then he disappeared into the marsh.  I love the red webbing around his eye, I have never observed that up close before, so it is a first for me, had to share with you, til Tomorrow MJ 

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