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Wood Orchid

wood orchid 2

Dear Friends, this pretty orchid is found in the red pine forests and is called the pink lady slipper.  They like the acidic ground and shady light that the forest provides, and these conditions make subtle sunlight for flower photography.  I got lucky as this particular bloom was very vivid in color and had a bee perched on top, the only drawback to these conditions are the wood ticks that also thrive here.. til Tomorrow MJ

Sunrise Dancing

the chase

Dear Friends, our second morning on the Namekagon Barrens Sharptail Grouse Lek was warmer than our first morning, 47 degrees F and lots of sun.  The male birds were dancing furiously and herding the females.  I think the males have a control issue as they need to move the female, but when she stops, all the male birds around the lek, freeze in their dancing position and don’t move a feather until she moves again.  Curious behavior that we had not seen before, but never had six females on the lek before either.  The golden light of dawn makes this a really warm image, but that is the way it is, so enjoy til Tomorrow MJ

Morning in the Blind

grouse talk

Dear Friends, Wednesday was our first morning in the blinds of Namekagon Wildlife Area to watch the Sharp tailed Grouse dancing in the spring mating ritual.  Not our first ever morning in these blinds , but the first this year.  This male is almost in dancing position, but had stopped momentarily to give some verbal commentary.  The morning was lovely but chilly, lots of sun and soon the birds just laid down and soaked up the sunshine, most of the real dancing took place just before dawn before there was enough light to photograph.  Topped the morning off with breakfast with two friends from the cities then out to Crex to spend the rest of the day, perfection. til Tomorrow MJ

Wild LIlies in Motion

Friends, another experiment with multiple exposures, these lilies were moving in the wind so i have shown them in a high key image with multiple exposures.  Photography is an expressive art despite what some think and this expresses what i saw and felt in the Namekagon barrens on a windy hot day in June.  Having fun with Photoshop. til Tomorrow MJ

Namekagon Pine Barrens-Wilderness

Friends, In the early morning light, the Wood Lilies are so nice with backlighting.  With this bloom I got a bonus, a yellow butterfly also liked this bloom that I was photographing.  I like that you can see his circular proboscis and antenna on his head.  Sometimes the unsuspected details make the image more compelling.  These Lilies are common on the sandy pine barrens of the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area, a new area for my photography.  The Namekagon River runs into the St. Croix River and they are both part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers network.  A real wilderness area where canoes rule!, til Tomorrow MJ

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