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Wild LIlies in Motion

Friends, another experiment with multiple exposures, these lilies were moving in the wind so i have shown them in a high key image with multiple exposures.  Photography is an expressive art despite what some think and this expresses what i saw and felt in the Namekagon barrens on a windy hot day in June.  Having fun with Photoshop. til Tomorrow MJ

Namekagon Pine Barrens-Wilderness

Friends, In the early morning light, the Wood Lilies are so nice with backlighting.  With this bloom I got a bonus, a yellow butterfly also liked this bloom that I was photographing.  I like that you can see his circular proboscis and antenna on his head.  Sometimes the unsuspected details make the image more compelling.  These Lilies are common on the sandy pine barrens of the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area, a new area for my photography.  The Namekagon River runs into the St. Croix River and they are both part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers network.  A real wilderness area where canoes rule!, til Tomorrow MJ

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