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The Gull

Friends,this morning I am sharing this gull flying free above the Mississippi River.  I have been reading some blogs from a website titled craft and vision and that has opened a question as to why we want to share our images with others.  A new magazine is available at this site titled simply Photograph.  I will be examining my own reasons for sharing in the near future, how about you? Do you share with an ulterior motive or like me, not sure of the reasons for sharing.  When I write a blog about nature and the great outdoors, I tend to write to the person(s) who cannot experience and needs to see the misty mornings, glorious sunsets, flying birds and especially the micro world that exists at our feet.  But I realize that while my images are probably sufficient for this purpose, my writing skills need to improve.  So I will be exploring the writing of the blog to match my photographic visions.  til Tomorrow MJ

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