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The Search

tailed blue2Friends, this time of year we are searching for new Karner Blue butterflies in Crex Meadows. The Karner is a rare specie with an endangered population but the host plant, wild lupine grows here in abundance.  Every year the volunteers of Crex survey the prime areas for Karners.  The second flight or hatching is expected any day now so we are all out searching for these tiny blue butterflies.  Yesterday I found these tailed blues but no Karners.  This is macro with a telephoto lens.  An extender (20mm) is between the lens and the camera so I can focus at about 4 feet away and avoid disturbing his feeding on the orange milkweed.  His underwing is similar to Karners, but the little tail is the deciding factor.  Still searching for the Karner  til Tomorrow MJ


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