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Sagebrush Goldfinch

sepia goldfinch3

Friends, I often struggle with backgrounds that conflict with my subject or are too distracting.  This little goldfinch is a good example of this problem.  All the little branches and twigs were helpful to describe his habitat but distracting cause they all lead out of the frame.  So I am using a sepia toned background to dull the background and bring the little bird and his dinner plate as the undisputed subject of the image.  Do you like? til Tomorrow MJ

His Kingdom

male goldfinch 2Friends, this male goldfinch is announcing to the world his joys and surveying his kingdom.  He studied me for about ten minutes and let me shoot his portrait.  The goldfinch are late nesters, so his female has probably laid the eggs or hatched some young ones, either way he was out shopping for groceries. til Tomorrow MJ



Friends, these are goldfinches male above and female below, they are raising their young and feasting on the tickseed sunflowers, they build their nests late in the summer so they can line the nest with thistle seed, fluffy seeds make a great pillow for little goldfinches, also thistle seeds are great food and they will come to them even in the winter months, a hardy little bird, most of them remain in the northland in the winter and keep us company on cold winter days, til Tomorrow MJ

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