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Fall Bouquet

primrose fallFriends, yesterday the backlight pointed out these primrose blooms.  I worked for about 30 minutes at all the angles without getting wet.  The fog had left all the foliage very damp.  At f11 the depth of field was adequate and the bokeh was ok.  When i came back in the late afternoon, the blooms were wilted beyond recognition.  So go early.  til Tomorrow MJ


More Flowers

12345687Friends, this tiny bloom sat at the bottom of a large flowering stalk and was almost buried in the large green leaves, again at Como to photograph the flowers, We visited the International Wolf Center at Ely Minnesota over the weekend, stay tuned for more wolf images, til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Inside

Friends, Searching for remnants of the tall grass prairie on Thursday yielded many shots of this Queen Anne’s Lace.  This image tells the flower story, the beautiful sweet blooms attract many bees and then the flowers fold into the seed pod up above the flower.  You can still see the structures inside the spent bloom, i like the insides of this image. Do you? til Tomorrow MJ

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