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Afternoon with a Flicker


Dear Friends, spring has finally come to our northland and lots of outdoor activities to keep us outdoors.  This Northern Flicker kept me company for a couple of hours this week while i kept my eye on a fresh wolf kill to see if anyone would return to the crime scene.  When i first drove up i thought i saw a dog shape creeping away, but he did not return.  I liked the high key treatment to reflect the brightness of our early morning sun.   Excitement in the Crex Meadows as the ducks and other birdies are returning to find some nesting sites, til Tomorrow MJ

Northern Flicker

spring flicker crex

Macro of feathers in ice


Friends, this Northern Flicker is looking for a nesting spot before the leaves came out this spring.  The underside of his wing is shown in the bottom photo, a macro photo of the yellow feather shafts on his wing encased in ice.  so til Tomorrow MJ

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