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Annoyed or Angry

older cooperFriends, this mature Cooper Hawk was captured and banded last fall at Hawk Ridge in Duluth Minnesota.  He looks angry but his hackles are raised cause he is a little annoyed with being restrained while the educators talk about his natural history.  Someone will have a chance to adopt him and release him back into the wild.  I think this is my favorite photo from last fall at Hawk Ridge. Do you like? til Tomorrow MJ


Young Coop

Friends, This hatch year Cooper’s Hawk is peeking around the corner to see where that clicking is coming from (my camera).  I love the various poses of these beautiful birds, especially the youngsters.  On a sad note, only twenty percent of these first year birds will live to finish the migration north next spring.  The feather ruff around his head and his size mark him as a Cooper and his yellow eye says hatch year bird.  til Tomorrow MJ

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