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Pleasing Blur??

0901mjsFriends, a photo contest that i like to enter has a category for pleasing blurs, so i camped by the water and watched this magnificent trumpeter swan stretch his wings.  He must have stretched 10 times in the hour that i sat there.  I started at shutter speed 1/640 then to 1/500, 1/400 and finally 1/100 to blur the wings but keep the bird head and body sharply focused, does this image work for you? til Tomorrow MJ

Portrait or Blur


Friends, these images are two renditions of a western kingbird, which do you like, the sharp portrait or the pleasing blur,?, i personally like the blur because it is a challenge to capture and it is a bit different.  These birds are often perched on top of the prairie dog mounds and constantly shopping for insects . til Tomorrow MJkingbird blur western kingbird

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