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Which one, Blue Wing Teal

his original reflection flip his blue reflection

Dear Friends, a slight decision problem this morning, which of these images do you like the best? This is a male blue-winged teal in a muddy hole, the top is the original colors and the bottom is a white-neutralized version, which one do you like? til Tomorrow MJ

Blue-wing Teal

Friends, this beautiful duck is a blue-winged teal in Crex Meadows.  His blue wing is hidden deep in the feathers, but his head shows a little blue cast.  This was a cloudy day but his white was a beacon on the dull colored water.  This time of year, lots of cloudy weather gets people down and we have to look far and wide for some color to photograph.  Some say to photograph in black and white, but I see in color so I long for any shade of color to brighten my day.  Today I am going to Crex, maybe I will find color as the Meadows are full of Greater Sandhill Cranes gathering for the migration south.  Or maybe I will find the mature Northern Harrier that i saw last week, that would make a great photo for my hawk book.  One can dream and previsualize, but divine intervention is necessary for this to occur.  til Tomorrow MJ

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