Red Moon

red moon11

Friends, was up early this morning (2AM) to photograph a total lunar eclipse, it is called the blood moon, but i prefer the red moon.  I love that on this shot you can see the ice cap, pretty good for a 400 mm lens on a camera. This was a 3 second exposure on a tripod and a night with only a few clouds wisping through at times. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. You are indeed a true professional.

  2. fantastic shot MJ … we forgot to look!

  3. Well done for getting this.

  4. Wow! Very nice!

  5. Fabulous shot. We weren’t quite so lucky – we had high clouds that diffused the light so much you could hardly see anything.

  6. Twin City Joan

    I love that you captured some of the stars along with the moon. It gives more context to the picture.

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