Second Summer Sharp Shin Hawk

2 yr sharpieFriends, this is a second summer sharp shinned Hawk who has been captured, banded and after this image was taken, was release back into the wild blue yonder.  He has changed from his first year coloring when the eye is bright yellow, the breast feathers show a vertical orientation, and the top of his head was brown rather than the gray in this bird.  He is a survivor and is migrating south over Hawk Ridge in Duluth Minnesota.  The migration is starting and I will soon be able to show you new images of migrating birds.  til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. I don’t know why…
    but this hawk looks a little worried.
    Might be the shading of colors around the eyes.

  2. MJ…….great detail, love the patterns. I also like being a bird nerd, but that long glass beats my body to a pulp hauling it around………en theos…..jim

  3. Great Shot………………..

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