Flower Details

sharp final soft finalFriends, I am editing some flower images from our badlands trip this spring.  I cannot decide whether I like the grainy image at the top or the bottom softer version of this image. Which do you like the best? Either way I think the bottom treatment is a way to reduce the grainy noise that i sometimes get in my images or maybe i am going in circles.  In the bottom image I have softened the details then run the Nik Colorefex Low Key filter.  In the top image I have run the Low Key filter directly over the Extract Detail filter.  I think that there is a dramatic difference. Hmmmm,  a constant learning process  til Tomorrow MJ


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Posted on July 3, 2013, in Badlands, Macro, Nature, photography, Wild flowers and tagged , , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. i like the first one … maybe it is the extra brightness in the colour …

  2. This is no help – I like them both. If you use Lightroom there noise filter is very good. Then I use the detail extractor in Color Efex.

  3. I, too, prefer the first image. I like that it is sharper.

  4. The first is a bit more realistic. Worth trying all the options. Have your tried tonal contrast in efex, sometimes that works.

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