Joyous Day

first day grebesFriends, lots of folks around Crex Meadows have been watching this red-neck grebe’s nest this spring, wondering when will the little ones hatch.  Yesterday was the day, in the morning I watched against the sun and saw three little heads riding on the adults, when i visited again in the evening when the light was better, I only saw these two riding on mom, but a third might be hidden somewhere in her feathers.  A soft comfy bed to take a nap, I will visit again today to see how they fare in Phantom Lake, this image is a little fuzzy but I had to push my telephoto to get any image at all, enjoy, I know I will til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. those babies are super cute mj …. well done to capture them … i am staying at a bird sanctuary for two nights on the way home … no babies here but there is a bustard in full breeding plumage 🙂

  2. Catherine Bast

    Thanks MJ – this is truly wonderful photograph. I am excited to see tomorrow’s – Cathy

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