Mountain Bluebirds

blue birdFriends, these mountain bluebirds are much bluer than our eastern bluebird and such a vibrant blue it is.  The male was close to the house, but the female was sticking very close to her nest box.  The barbed wire is a convenient perch. til Tomrrow MJ

bluebird female


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  1. Thomas Runestrand

    Hi Marge-Good job with those rarely seen birds. Beautiful blue! Did you get that MO I sent? For $128 ? Hope you did. Say “Hi” to everyone for me. If you can, would you go to that storage fac- ility and check around for a black book containing CD’s about 5″x5″ with “RCA” embossed on it? If you find it , please mail it to me and I”ll reimburse you for the postage. Thanks much-Love, Tom


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