Exotic Fiddlehead

fernheadFriends, this huge fern is gently unfolding within the tropical environment of Como Conservatory,  Ferns are a world of green, and this pinkish head will soon turn green.  If you look closely you can see structure that looks like feather structure, below is a macro of this substructure.  I am always amazed by the intricate macro structures, probably why I was an electron microscopist (cell biology and structures) in an earlier life, til Tomorrow MJ

fernhead macro

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  1. Shucks, someone else already called your fern amazing….so I think I will say it is marvelous! And it truely was! Since I can’t go to the fern thanks for bringing it to me!

  2. These are amazing. I love that I can see such detail.

  3. WOW!! Beautiful macros!

  4. Catherine Bast

    Wonderful, wonderful – thanks

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