Tree Hugger

porkyFriends, this boy has found a birch tree to nibble on, he is a porcupine but his quills are not erect so you see his guard hairs on the surface of his coat, The quills are laying down and he is climbing up the tree to get away from me.  Porkies are active in the winter but don’t get around very well in our deep snow, so tree climbing is a way of life.  His quills are small compared to those of the African variety.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. fascinating! we have echidna, which are much more spiky … i did not know porcupines could look fluffy 🙂

  2. How peculiar, the porcupines I see where I live really do look more spiky, with longer and harder quills, but this one is cute 🙂

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