Cranes in Spring

cranes in airFriends, yes the cranes will return to Crex Meadows soon in all their spring finery, this image was taken last year about this time of year, but last year we had no snow at this time, now we have feet of snow on the ground and more coming today, ugh!!, but the color in this image helped to brighten my day, hope you like, til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. My dear! I have nominated you for Shine On Award. Congratulations! Please visit this link for

  2. I love cranes! This is beautiful!

  3. like dancers in the sky …. and the lighting is brilliant!

  4. james runestrand

    marge, it looks like the same bird in some kind of photographic progression, for lack of a better word! love the tone of it, and contrast.

  5. Wow, beautiful. Now if I could only find some beauty in pigeons, I’d paint them…

  6. Very surreal look, makes me feel that someday, I might be grounded also……en theos……jim

  7. Amazing shot, love the BG color.

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