Winter Owls

gray old owl

Friends, this is a Great Gray Owl from the land north of here, they sometimes migrate to the Sax Zim bog in the winter.  This image was captured in 2005 when we had an irruption of owls from Canada to the northern Minnesota/Wisconsin area.  I am processing with Photoshop with techniques that i have been practicing lately, blurring the background and sharpening the foreground, gives this bird a better isolation as the subject of the photo.  I love their bright yellow eyes that appear a bit cross eyed, maybe i was too close for the bird to focus correctly, hence crossed eyes.  Great Grays are large by bird standards but they are mostly feathers.  The owl in the image below is all fluffed up against the -20 degree day. A few owls migrate every year, but 2005 was special.  til Tomorrow MJ

owl resting

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  1. looks a bit sleepy, and so fluffy … lovely shot with the blurred background 🙂

  2. beautiful!

  3. Great shot! I too love the yellow eyes.

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