Cougar eye


Friends, this beautiful female cougar is a captive animal, two siblings (both female) were orphaned when they were very young.  We traveled to Forest Lake Minnesota (60 miles) to photograph the wolves as my husband needed new images for his wildlife painting.  The cats were a surprise and they looked surprised when all the wolves started howling.  I had a hard time working around all the fences, but this image succeeded so had to share it with you. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Hi, Marky, This cougar eye is wonderful! Maybe Jim should paint her. Hope you’re both doing well. Love ya, Peggy


  2. MJ..nice…….en theos……jim

  3. i like the softness, the intensity of the cat stands out, nice work mj!

  4. elegant and beautiful.. but a creature I only want to see in a photograph, or an enclosure.

  5. Just beautiful! I am a sucker for cats!

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