Blue Jay

Friends, this blue jay is a shy guy who visited the suet feeder briefly then flew away.  I sat for 1 hour waiting for him to reappear, and he eventually came back.  The cold weather has made the birds hungry and they are visiting the feeders. The cold weather has me shivering after an hour and my hands and camera refuse to work.  til Tomorrow MJblue jay

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  1. so brave to sit our there waiting mj, and i was wondering what kind of bird emmjay would be if she had a choice? gorgeous blue jay!!!

  2. Continually in awe of your work!

  3. beautiful photograph of a beautiful bird.

  4. Such a beautiful bird.

  5. I have a lot of blue jays at my feeders. Many people think they are nasty or messy birds but I love them. Just like cardinals, they add wonderful color to the drab winterscape. This guy is gorgeous. You can see the feathers so clearly!

  6. Blue Jays are some of my favorite birds. I put peanuts and sunflower seed out for the birds; peanuts for the blue jays and seeds for the other birds. One of the jays has gotten so used to me that it will swoop down and grab a peanut while I’m getting the seeds just a few feet away. What a great way to start a day.

    If I forget the peanuts they remind me before I get off from the deck.

  7. He is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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