Pink or Red

winter pineyFriends, this pretty pink bird is a male Pine Grosbeak found in the winter bog.  His beak is designed for seed eating and he loves sunflower seeds at the various feeders found in the Sax Zim bog . These birds are migrants from further north and there seems to be more of them in the bog this year than in previous years. Just my reflection not an actual fact.  I don’ like the background so I have added an image with edited background, i think it is better for the bird colors. What do you think? til Tomorrow MJ

winter pine desaty

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  1. hard to say which one I like better. the first one is a warm background and looks very nice with the pink color of the bird, the second one is cooler and goes with the gray of the branch and the gray of the bird’s feathers.. I would probably choose the first one.

  2. I like the greyer background myself!

  3. Great shot!

  4. The bird itself is softly focussed and the picture as a whole would benefit from a light vignette. – Bob

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