Beach Cleanup

male-mallardFriends, this male Mallard was crusing along the edge of Lake Superior that in January is still not ice-covered.  The mallards don’t seem to mind the icy weather.  I didn’t like all the leaf debris among the ice so i deleted it with several Photoshop tools, mostly the patch and spot healing brush tools.  Sharpened with Color Effex Pro 4 detail extractor tool.  I think the image is wilder and the absence of debris is less distracting.  To each their own, til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. good job on the leaf removal marge, it really improves the photo 🙂

  2. I like what you (but I always do!).

  3. loving your blog Marge…you going to Sax Zim this weekend? �I am going with Kathy J. we are going to Ashalnd for an owl talk and then spending the night there and off to Sax Zim early Fri morning…I wont be at�the�meeting tonight, I am finishing (hopefully) the final edits and uploads for a clients book of poetry. �miss you…we need to go shooting somewhere!!!!� � Misty Pine Photography� 13655 S. Fairbanks Road Gordon, WI 54838 EMAIL:� **publications:�� Web site:�� Art:� Photostream:� Facebook:

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