Harrier Portrait

first adult harrierFriends, More book images to work on, this image of a Harrier was tilted so the bird looked wrong.  In straightening the image I found that two corners were white background, selecting the white corners, i filled with content-aware.  This did a pretty good job of filling the background area, but still had to clone some texture in, after cropping the image, the headroom needed to be increased. So much for the photoshop details, if you need more, just ask.  The plumage of this bird and his lemon-yellow eyes mark him as a semi-adult.  His gray feathers around his ruff are just starting to appear and when he is totally adult, his back feathers will be very gray.  He looks like an owl with his facial disk, but he is a Harrier.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Wow! that owl has beautiful eyes

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