Young Whitetail Buck

Friends, this young whitetail deer is a male and was following some girls that were roaming through our woods in the backyard.  We live in the Wisconsin wilds and it is not uncommon to see the female whitetails in our woods.  But we rarely get a chance to photograph a buck.  I was sitting in my elevated deer stand that is suspended from a tree about twelve feet off the ground, when this boy came into view and peeked around a tree at me.  The top image shows his response when the camera started to click and he saw me.  Which pose do you like, the relaxed (bottom image) or the all-alert image (top).  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. I noticed the time of day. It really is Nov 15 at 7:46 PM. By 1 AM I will be long lost in the land of nod.

  2. Both are great but the second one touches me. I wonder if he will survive the hunting season coming up. I have property with a tiny cabin in the woods south of Fish Lake and love to watch the deer we feed through the window. Mostly we get does in singles or pairs of a momma and her daughter. Seems like the older deer have a first come, first served attitude. I am missing the sandhills that I love to watch this time of year. Thanks for the pictures. I have missed being able to be there this year but will make up for it next year.

  3. beautiful photographs! I like the wildness of the first, but the innocence and almost trust of the second.. he is a beauty.

  4. What wonderful photographs. You asked which we liked better – the first (alert one) is great, although the second (more relaxed) says so much more. Maybe he thought you were a prospective doe or a friend to be with, he certainly looks a little lonely. Thanks for sharing these with us – Cathy

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