Couple a Coopers

Friends, These two Cooper Hawks are examples of a difference in attitude and age.  The bird in the top image is younger and calmer than the older and more aggressive bird shown in the bottom image.  The difference in the amount of gray feathers shows the relative age with the bird in the bottom image being the older.  The raised hackles on the back of the head show more attitude in the older bird.  I adopted the bird in the top image and released it back into the wild.  The bird in the bottom image bit the educator and was not adopted.  In all fairness, there were more birds than people on Hawk ridge yesterday.  The sunshine and cooler weather is bringing in the larger hawks now. Lots of Redtail Hawks and an special redtail tomorrow. til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. Wow, these birds are so beautiful, and I am jealous of the fact that you were this close to them! Thank you for sharing this photo!

    ~My Blog

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