Friends, this image is an immature Cooper’s Hawk compared to an adult shown below.  They are larger than their cousin the sharp shinned, but smaller than their other cousin, the Goshawk.  Like their cousins the hatch year birds have yellow eyes, vertical chest feather pattern and chocolate brown back feathers.  When they grow to adult birds, the eyes turn to red, the chest pattern changes to a more horizontal pattern and the back and head get a dark gray.  Collectively these hawks are in the Accipiter group and in the air they have long tails and short wings so they can quickly maneuver thru the woodlands to catch their prey.  The Cooper has a loose ruff of feathers on the back of the head that is sometimes raised, you can see this ruff on the adult bird below and a hint of it in the immature bird. Enjoy your coopers hawk until tomorrow when we release him back to the wild.  til Tomorrow MJ

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