Alabaster Bird

Friends, this Great Egret is huge compared to yesterday’s sandpiper, so i am again practicing my flying shots.He looks like he is carved from white alabaster, white and a bit translucent, a different look than the sharply focused feathers, probably too slow a shutter speed, but i like the different feel.  There was a flock of about twenty birds on the marsh so lots of squabbling and flying, an antithesis of the serene solitary flying bird, the next day they were gone, flew south to better weather, til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. sublime …your flying shots are going well 🙂

  2. We have several Great Whites and some snow egrets on Senkarik pond. When we lived on Longboat Key in Florida Mikki also fed one of Great White’s turkey bacon our of her hand. The bird would slip into the house if we left the patio door open. She named him/her Clicker Bobbie. They constantly clicked their bill. They are territorial. Nice photo. jack

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