Blazing star detail

Friends, this blazing star is now in bloom at Crex and this image is a close-up magnification of the one inch buds, the details are hidden when all the little flowers are open by the mass of purple styes so one needs to see at the earliest stage of blooming to see the tiny blooms. i love the macro approach so i can see the substructure of things. Guess that is why i was a microscopist in another life, seems like a very long time ago. Only six years ago but seems forever, I am much happier now til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Thanks for helping Jim get the baby loon the correct color. Also great shot on this blog. jack

  2. funny i love microscopes too and wanted to be a scientist …. now i want a macro lens, but will wait until we get back from our next trip … maybe for christmas … this photos is gorgeous, love seeing the tiny individual flowers 🙂

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