Portrait at 8 weeks

Friends, this loon was hatched on June 6, 2012, so this week he is 8 weeks old.  He and his sibling have grown very fast and on this morning he was still being fed by an adult bird.  The other sibling is out on his own in an adjacent lake.  This morning the water was like glass with the only ripples made by the bird, the early morning light peeked out from behind a dense cloud deck and illuminated the birds just briefly, I never get tired of seeing these wonderful birds or of photographing them.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. i will never get tired of seeing your photos of them mj, thank you!

  2. Love this shot. Jimmy needs to look at this piece so he can get the colors on his baby loon correct. His is too white. Perhaps he will listen to you. I’m not having any success. Jack

  3. Great shot on a beautiful morning. 🙂

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