Eagle Has Flown

Friends, I have been visiting the Bald Eagle nest in Crex Meadows since April, today the chick was twenty feet down from the nest and when i was taking his portrait he decided to fly away.  Straight down the waterway and away from my camera.   I know it is not the best shot but it is a documentary shot to mark his freedom from the nest.  He was getting pretty bored up there and needs to learn to hunt for himself.  He was sitting on this branch and checking out the activity in the water below. Won’t be long before he is bringing home his own bacon. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. I love this shot! Seems like he is ready to fly.

  2. Just curious how many babies were in the nest?

  3. This is an interesting shot. You can see his/her determination. You captured all of the detail in his feathers. Jimmy can learn from studying your images. Mikki

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