Mature Bald Eagle

Friends, this mature Bald Eagle is staring down at me, Against the clear blue skies that we get sometimes in the early spring, he is a regal image.  I had to work hard at getting the exposure right as his white feathers often overexpose and the details are lost.  I had no blinkies in this image so the exposure must be right, Is there right and wrong in art? A question of taste, but technically must be right.  The scientist in me must be satisfied and also the artist, both sides of me are satisfied by this image.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. superb eagle image, as you said, perfect exposure …. i know how hard that is to accomplish mj …. and yes I absolutely loved the mallard too 🙂

    • thanks christine, i worked hard on that one, he was right above us and difficult to get framed and exposed correctly (technical), but i love how he is looking down on me, MJ

  2. This is one of the finest eagle shots I have seen; both as nature art and as a well crafted photograph. You have arrived as a nature photographer for sure.

  3. Margie, the mallard you photographed is an amazing image. If Jimmy painted that image he might make the top 25 in the WI duck stamp contest. He would need to flip the image so the bird is flying toward the right edge. He would also need to paint all the reeds you captured.

    We like the eagle as well, but the mallard is exceptional. Jack White

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