Butte Candle

Friends,  This wildflower is called a butte candle and it grows right out of the scoria rocks that you can see in the background. This plant has several stems as seen above, and below image shows the whole plant orientation.

Typically many of the plants that grow in scoria are capable of concentrating selenium within their tissues.  Selenium is a mixed bag as it is a required nutrient for some animals and at the same time, toxic in large doses.  Selenium concentrations have been responsible for bird and fish poisoning.  While its effect on cattle is well known, the effect on grazing wildlife is not well studied.  The tiny hairs on this plant probably repel the grazers in the badlands and these plants are not abundant.  Are the badlands wildlife safe from selenium? A research question.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. they look similar to a forget-me-not, only in white…pretty

  2. isn’t nature wonderful?

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