Touching my roots

Friends, this image is the bottom of the badlands, fall foliage along the Little Missouri River.  Like these trees along the river, my roots lie here and i often think of this place as home.  On this site just to the right of the orange tree, my mother was raised on a ranch.  Now it is a campground in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Where cattle and horses once grazed, the bison and elk now roam the bottoms in search of the best tasting grasses. Cottonwood trees, ash thickets and wild plum trees grow in abundance near the water.  This is a little river in the fall, but is often full to the brim in the spring and sometimes the family needed to leave the river bottom to escape the floods. The river flooded last spring (2011) and reminded us that the river can still be an awesome force.  til Tomorrow MJ

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