Cranes on the Full Moon

Friends, this is a double exposure of cranes and the full moon, I have seen this many times, but when photographing i am less than successful.  Last fall i did get some images with both the moon and cranes.  I will show you them tomorrow, but today i love the cranes landing like little dancers on the wind.  While this shot is what i wanted to express, it is somewhat mechanical, lacking the romance of the moment and a little on the sterile side.  Someday i will capture what i feel while watching the cranes landing in Crex with the full moon rising and the sun setting all in one moment.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. MJ I liked this very much. Great moon placement. Very well done

  2. it feels to me like you’ve managed to capture the magic of flight and the grace of the cranes and moon so beautifully

  3. beautiful mj, so peaceful 🙂

  4. Oh very, very nice!!! Wow!

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