Moonrise, Sunset, Cranes

Friends, yesterday i showed you an image of the cranes landing with the full moon that was a composite image of two images.  Today i show an actual single image of the cranes coming into the roost on an evening when the moon was rising and the sun was setting. In silhouette, the birds are smaller and are gliding into their parachute stance.  The sunset and moonrise are the stars of this image , whereas the birds are the subjects of yesterday’s image.  So the age-old photography problem, what is the subject of your image? til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. The cranes complete the picture – the something extra the makes it a photograph.

  2. love this one, even though the composite was good!

  3. Awesome…

    Solar Storm Tomorrow:…/sunrise-may-turn-out-the-lights…

  4. MJ, this is just beautiful. The silhouette against the plum sky outstanding!

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