Weekly Photo Challenge:Down

Friends, thinking about both applications for the word, down.  Down as immature feathers poking from the backside on this Pied-billed Grebe or down as the direction out of my car window.I guess both definitions apply in this image.  This is a fall image as the lily pads are in a state of decay and the fall colors are reflected in the water behind this tiny bird.  They dive for their food and hence are almost always wet.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. I want one!!!!

  2. Excellent interpretation. I also like the painterly appearance.

  3. This is beautiful! The water is unreal… A truly lovely photograph and perfect for the theme!

  4. love your take on ‘down’ … i thought of downy feathers too so thrilled to see them here, thanks MJ 🙂 encouragement from christine http://wp.me/p296YA-2D

  5. I was wondering if anyone was going to take this angle. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics of anything downy, nor is there anything downy around where I live. Good job.

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