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Black Tern Catch

black tern caught

Friends, every now and then you catch a shot that you really had to work at, that is prefocus and wait for this bird to get to the pre-arranged site.  This black tern was fishing back and forth down the waterway in Crex, He was very quick so i pre-focused on a spot and waited for him to be in focus.  I was totally shocked when i saw that he had caught his prey in this image.  The image is a little soft and the shutter speed of 1/1000 was not quite enough, but I wish to share so you can understand what i do all day in my retirement. til Tomorrow MJ

Black Tern

black kiteFriends, working in photoshop while we are confined to the house cause of the weather, too cold with windchills in the -50 F range. This image was shot at iso 400 and the sky had a lot of digital noise compliments of my camera, so i have become very good at minimizing the sky noise.  This is a black tern that hovered over the marsh in search of prey, he will hunt insects and fish, wonder what he caught.  I  liked the hovering pose of the bird and a small hint of cloud behind him. til Tomorrow MJ


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