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In the Corn Field

Friends, Daylight finds the Sandhills on cornfields adjacent to Crex Meadows. This immature Sandhill Crane is gleaning corn from the field after the picker has gone through. The cranes alternate from the corn fields in the daytime to the marsh in the evening hours, think i am running out of images for this blog.  Need to go to Crex today and see what is up, til Tomorrow MJ

A Painting

Friends, this image of a Sandhill Crane spoke to me, the detailed feathering and the green background were very artful, so i played with my photoshop and converted this to an oil painting effect.  I am studying feathers and the Sandhills have left their feathers all over the Crex Meadows due to seasonal molting.  We have picked up several feathers and they are natural treasures that will help us to remember the autumn days on Crex and look forward to the return of the Cranes in the spring.  If you are interested in feathers, I can recommend a good book, Bird Feathers, available at  Lots of info and well illustrated, but scientifically dry, but if you are into research (me), it is an excellent reference book. til Tomorrow MJ

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