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Mother’s Day Warbler

yellow rump1 yellow rump2 cross yellow rump3Friends, this cheery little guy is wishing you all a Happy Mother’s day, This is a yellow rumped Warbler and his movements are very quick and darting while hunting insects on the sandy road . You can see his yellow id tags, one on his head, two on each side of his chest and a hint of his yellow butt patch from whence he gets his name. I love his black mask and always ask, who is that masked man?? this bird does not travel alone this time of year, there were hundreds hunting on the road right after the road grader had stirred up the sand.  Getting them to hold still for a picture was the challenge, just like a room full of kindergarten kids,Mothers know what i mean, so I dedicate this post to my mom, who raised five little live wires,  til Tomorrow MJ

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