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Ms Belted Kingfisher

kingfisher44Friends, This is a young or adult female Belted Kingfisher.  The controversy arises because of the incomplete brown on her chest, if she was an adult female, the brown band would be complete.  Since the band appears to have a gap in the middle, perhaps she is a youngster just arriving in the northland.  The water is now open and she has found a fishing hole below this high line wire.  She complained bitterly when I stepped out to take her picture, sorry I disturbed her, love her hairdo, til Tomorrow MJ


Kingfisher Day

Friends, this kingfisher female is either molting or is a young one just getting feathers, she was a pretty good fisherwoman so maybe an adult molting.  I wish i knew more about the various birds, but there is time for only time for so many passions in one’s life, and photography rates higher than birding, oh well, below is another kingfisher in flight, still practicing my flying shots, til Tomorrow MJ


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