Portraits of Crex Meadows

phantom lake crex willowsFriends, i received a new lens and need to try it out on landscapes.  Now I have always considered landscapes of Crex Meadows to be rather uninteresting. The land and the water are very flat and i think that landscapes should reveal layers of color as the eye travels back into the distance with a clear foreground element.  This first image is of phantom lake and the second of a willow flat both leading into a cumulus sky.  I like the second image because the willows are the foreground leading into the sky, but in the first image I have no clear foreground element and the horizon is dead center. Which image works for you? til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. so I am with the crowd, the first image, but maybe like Bob I would have had more sky, which is rather striking …

  2. I pick the first too, but I think I would have shown more sky and less of the water in the forground. The clouds seem to be the best subject.

  3. My preference is the first image.

  4. Wyatt VanDePol

    I find the first one more appealing to the eye…. but they’re both good!

  5. I also like the first. There is something about the blue stripes in the foreground that is peaceful and beautiful.

  6. I prefer the first image.

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