Weekly Photo Challenge:The World Through Your Eyes

swan family2Friends, this pair of Trumpeter Swans are in my world and photographing them is a thrill when the cygnets first arrive in the spring.  I like to think that the male is combing his feathers and the female is watching the babies very closely but these roles could be reversed as it is difficult to tell the male from the female as they look alike.  This is my world, sitting in my vehicle blind and watching the wildlife of Crex and photographing those stories that are often untold but only present in photos.  til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. Ahhhh such a fabulous family portrait!

  2. Wow! Great photograph. I also liked “My world” & “photographing those stories that are often untold but only present in photos.” That is what we do as photographers – Capture stories..

  3. This photo is a real winner!

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