Dancing Sharptails

Sharptail Grouse- male-ready to danceFriends, this time of year, the sharptailed grouse males are dancing on the meadows, in this image he is getting ready to dance, his yellow eyebrows are raised, his purple air sac is exposed, his tail is raised and his wings have dropped down, in the image below is his dancing pose, His feet do a fast stutter step as he whirls in circles and chases any other male birds.  The females sit by silently watching, and after selecting the winner, they both fly away.  This ritual happens at dawn, so one has to be in a blind before dawn.  Finding a strange blind in the dark can be quite an adventure.  so enjoy my sharpies in the warmth of indoors, til Tomorrow MJ

Dancing Sharptail Grouse- male-3


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  1. wow, glad it was you in the hide mj, you got great shots!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Great photographs!

  3. great shots…love the superior ice too

  4. Nice shots! I would also love to see it myself!

  5. Gotta love mating season!

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