May You Have a Blessed Christmas

gray jay winterFriends, this Gray Jay is a northern bird , they are very drab gray but talk of winter and sunflower seeds, they come to the feeders in the bog of northern Minnesota and are very common up there. Sometimes wonderful things come wrapped in gray small packages, such is my greeting for a happy holiday to you and yours, my family celebrates Christmas so Ā i say Merry Christmas and to all a Happy New Year. til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. thanks for your wishes marge, and i love your little dull jay … this morning we saw a new Little Brown Bird on the way to the beach, so have to go hunting through the books to identify it now … of course it was a very birdy morning and i had left the camera at home so we could swim šŸ™‚

    • the birds were put here to keep photographers happy, they are often a challenge to photo and to identify, sometimes the mental images are as good as the physical photos, but you can’t share them as easily, thanks christine for your comments, MJ

  2. what a sweet little bird.. šŸ™‚ Merry Christmas to you.

  3. Having been in organizations with a membership comprised of people from all over the world I am careful to be generic about the holidays.

    So Merry Christmas.

    As we used to say in the 60s – Have a cool yule and a frantic first!

    • You may be careful, but I celebrate Christmas and am proud of that, so I wish a Merry Christmas, I don’t think it is offensive to wish good blessings on anyone regardless of their beliefs, thanks for the comment claude, MJ

  4. I love jays but have never seen a grey one. We have a lot of blue jays here. Most people chase them because they are noisey and scoot out the smaller song birds. Me, I love them all.

    • The gray jays are mostly in the northern climes and frequent areas with lots of pine, we also have blue jays, thanks kate for your comments over the past year, they are greatly appreciated, MJ

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