Food in the Mud

Friends, these two Greater Sandhill Cranes have been digging in the mud for food.  They use those very long sharp beaks to root for grubs, frogs, seeds, and other muddy food.  Crex mud must be rich in food elements as everywhere in the mud flats, small humps of mud are signs that the cranes have been tearing up the scenery and when their heads pop up the mud is still stuck to their beaks.  The bird in front is an adult and the one in the rear is a juvenile.  This morning we have heavy wet snow, so the cranes will probably be on their way to warmer weather and softer mud. I will miss them when they are gone, they entertain us from September thru November but disappear around Thanksgiving time. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. so still, a studied image mj 🙂

  2. beautiful birds. I like the red patch on the adult.

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