Crane Dancing

Friends, these dancing cranes are busy teaching the baby cranes how to dance.  The youngster on the left is imitating his parent who is flying up in the air, with more of a jump than a flight.  Imitation teaches the youngster how to dance.  Did your parents teach you to dance. til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. Could they be any more beautiful I ask? Margie

  2. This is a beautiful image, MJ. 🙂

  3. Marge, we were watching a group of well over 400 birds yesterday, and enjoying the little groups of almost-dancing birds. We figured it was a middle-school dance, where all the kids want to attend, but only the bravest will actually dance while the others look on. 😉 –Julie from Hawk Ridge.

    • lovely thought, i didn’t even know how to dance in middle-school, i was very clumsy, thanks for visiting my blog and hope you and the crew will visit often, keeps the winter winds warmer, I will drop a note on email, thanks again, MJ

  4. MJ>>>>one gorgeous capture>>>>>>en theos…jim

  5. they are the dancing queens!

  6. Wonderful!

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