The Arrival of Fall

Friends, We had our first hard “Freeze” last night announcing the arrival of fall.  This image is a true “fall image” of Crex Meadows, the Greater Sandhill cranes coming in for a landing on the marsh.  I think they look like little parachute jumpers coming down to earth.  Soon the marsh will be alive with thousands of Cranes calling to each other and all talking at the same time, they are such special birds. Too bad they don’t stay with us all year long, but their arrival makes the fall a busy place for us wildlife photographers.  Then with the first snowfall, they are gone.  😦 , leaving me sad and faced with ice and snow for 4-5 months.  Below is an image of the color that is invading the Meadow, the sumac is one of the first to change from green summer finery to fall red.  Going to Hawk Ridge today to get some more hawk portraits.  til Tomorrow MJ

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