A Double-Header

Friends, this small hawk, the sharp-shinned is a second year bird and her eyes are turning from the yellow of a first year bird to orange.  The vertical strips on the front have now turned more horizontal and her cap is starting to turn from chocolate brown to gray.  Below is a more mature bird with the red eyes and more gray on her cap.  You can compare these more mature birds to the sharpie from yesterday’s post of a sharpie that was hatched this spring.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. wonderful photos mj, inspiring …. i am missing my superzoom at times, have to be content with distant shots of birds while travelling!

    • yes superzooms are helpful on birds, these head shots are from hand-held birds captured while banding, so any lens will do :), thanks for your comments christine, i am enjoying your trip, MJ

  2. Love the yellow on his head. hugs, jack

  3. Beautiful photos of beautiful birds.

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